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Why should I work with a CPA vs another tax professional?

Using a CPA for your tax & accounting needs ensures a higher-level of standard. CPAs have set themselves apart from other accountants by achieving more education, experience, and by passing four rigorous exams. Using a CPA ensures that you have a tax advisor that is up to date on tax laws because of their continuing education requirements. CPAs are held to a Professional Code of Conduct by their state board and must stay licensed by their state in order to use the CPA designation.

What is the benefit of looking for a CPA on

Our goal is to make finding a CPA easy for you. We have thousands of CPAs from across the country all in one spot. With City, Industry, and Service Filters you're able to find a CPA to meet all your needs. We showcase all the important information on CPAs right in one location.

What steps do accountants need to achieve to become a CPA?

To achieve the Certified Public Accountant designation CPAs must achieve a level of education, experience, and pass four exams. The amount of education required is different by state. CPAs on average must have 2 years of work experience before becoming licensed as a CPA (can vary by state). All CPAs must adhere to the Code of Professional Conduct set forth by their state. Learn more about the level of qualifications a CPA must have to become licensed here.

What questions should I ask a CPA when interviewing them?

  • How long have you been a CPA?
  • What is a typical client for you?
  • Can you represent me in front of the IRS?
  • What is your hourly rate?
  • How many clients do you handle?
  • Do you work with clients virtually?

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Why should I claim my free profile on

Join a platform dedicated to CPAs only. By claiming your free profile, you can update your information to help increase your visibility on our site.

What parts of my profile can I update with basic membership?

By claiming a basic profile, you can list the services you offer, highlight key industries you serve, update your business hours, and verify all contact information.

What are the benefits of upgrading to a premium membership?

By upgrading to a premium membership, you unlock many more features:

  • Add a custom biography about your self and add a picture to your profile;
  • Increase your profile rankings on;
  • Increase your SEO abilities online;
  • Join our community on Facebook with other premium member CPAs;
  • Become a guest writer on our blog.

What are the annual costs of a premium membership?

The annual fee for a Premium Membership is $299/year.

How do I join the Facebook community for premium members?

Once you sign up to be a premium member on our site, go to our Community Facebook group and request to join the group:

How do I become a guest writer on the blog?

Once you sign up to be a premium member on our site, e-mail us at to be considered as a guest writer on our blog. By writing original content on our site you increase your SEO online and visibility on