About Us

Our Story

FindMyCPA.com was created by two founders who saw a need for an Easy Way To Find A CPA. Josh & Daniel first met in Graduate school while achieving their MBAs at the University of Florida in 2012. Both Josh (A Certified Financial Planner®) and Daniel (A Business Consultant) were constantly being asked for CPA recommendations by their clients and people in their network. They noticed that it was difficult to find a CPA online in Florida or any other state, so FindMyCPA.com was created. We are excited to bring FindMyCPA.com to every individual and business owner looking for an easy way to find detailed information on CPAs in their state.



Our Mission

At FindMyCPA.com we are dedicated to advancing the Certified Public Accountant designation across the country. We strive to help business owners & families find the perfect CPA for all their needs. We understand the added value a CPA brings to the tax world and dedicated our platform to make it easier to find a CPA.

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What Makes Us Different

Many websites out there can help you find someone to prepare your taxes or even do them yourself. FindMyCPA.com is dedicated to only professionals that have achieved a CPA designation. We believe that by showcasing detailed information on dozens of CPA’s you are able to better choose a CPA that can help you with your specific needs. Whether you have a Real Estate business or have tax questions on an inheritance you received, we want you to be able to find the best CPA for your needs.